Overcome Cravings

We will show you how to neutralise the food cravings that got in the way of everything you’ve tried so far.


Live Free from Food Urges

Use our ground-breaking method to neutralise cravings by using innovative techniques of neuroscience.


Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle

Make it easy to lose weight and nurture your body.


Stay Motivated!

Experience ongoing support from the Liberated Living Team. Imagine life free from food urges and cravings.

About Us

I’m Dr Kay McKenzie. My team and I have revolutionalised how we deal with food urges and cravings.


I have battled with my relationship with food for years and everytime I ate, I argued with myself about it. I saw Kay 18 months ago for the Liberated Living Technique for what I used to term my ‘chocolate addiction.’ I am still absolutely amazed at the end result. I have experienced such a relief from my every day food battles.

- female, age 33

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